Heights Elementary School Bugscope Sessions

Bugscope is an educational outreach project run by the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The institute makes their $600,000 scanning electron microscope available to teachers all over the world, so that their students may get a glimpse of the microscopic world of insects. Scientists are online during the session to answer questions posed by students via a chat window. Students and teachers control the microscope through their computers in their classrooms or computer labs.

Grade 4 classes participated in separate Bugscope sessions. Bugscope provided us with the honey bee specimen. Students raised plants in their classrooms and learned about the importance of the honey bee in the pollination of plants. Students researched these animal prior to the session. On the day of the session seven computers were set up in the Heights Computer Lab for communication with the laboratory in Illinois. One was designated as a teacher station and six were setup as student chat stations. The teacher station was connected to the interactive whiteboard and projector. The scientists on hand were Scott Robinson, Annie Ray, and Cate Wallace all from the Imaging Technology Group at the Beckman Institute. As the teacher and students moved the microscope across the insects, students raised many questions which were typed into the chat stations and quickly answered by the scientists.

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The Bugscope logo was created by Janet Sinn-Hanlon, of the Imaging Technology Group and is used with permission.